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Why Stars Adore Breakup-Themed Fashion Brand Boys Lie

Pickin’ it up! Ariana Grande, Halsey and Noah Cyrus have more in common than being talented songstresses and It-girls. While the three hit-makers each have different sounds when it comes to their music, they’ve each been through some not-so-private breakups and have found comfort and confidence in the badass brand Boys Lie.

The line, founded by Tori Robinson and Leah O’Malley, consists of cool-girl graphic hoodies, tees, beanies and sweatpants along with rich-colored makeup all meant to uplift their wearers through the best and worst times.

“Boys Lie is a representation that we are all learning to heal,” Robinson tells Stylish. “We hope anyone who is wearing the brand, whether that be on their face, body, or both, feels strength. …We know what it’s like to feel like you’ve been pushed down in the dirt. We also know that the greatest thing you can do in those times is to pick yourself up, brush the dirt off, and move forward,” she adds.

“As cliché as it sounds, it’s so easy to put hatred out to the world and social media can make it easy to highlight our insecurities. While I know the name Boys Lie might be interpreted as negative, it’s really meant to be an expression of self-worth that speaks to how Leah and I have both realized the way we deserve to be treated,” Robinson explains.

“Everyone has, or will experience some type of heartbreak or hardship in their life. The underlying message of our line is something that people from all walks of life can relate to. …You are never truly alone in the world. Whatever experience you have, good or bad, there is always someone out there that has gone through something similar,” O’Malley dishes.

And whether you’re drawn to the What Are You Going to Do Without Him hoodie like Grande, the classic Boys Lie sweats like Halsey or the You’re Not Worthy sweatshirt like Cyrus, there’s a piece in the collection that speaks to anyone that’s looking for a chic and cheeky self-esteem boost.

Stylish sat down with Robinson and Malley to hear the full story behind their brand, how a glam session can make any day better and what’s next for them (hint: it has to do with their ex-boyfriends). Scroll through to read their insights!

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