Why Scientists Want To Look Inside Surfers’ Butts

Researchers have taken a fight on superbugs to a startling terrain — surfers’ butts. Specifically, their rectums.

The World Health Organization considers superbugs, or germ resistant to antibiotics, a “single biggest challengebeing found in a oceans

Because surfers swallow some-more sea water

The nonprofit Surfers Against Sewage is operative with scientists from a University of Exeter Medical School in a United Kingdom to control a aptly named Beach Bums study, seeking volunteers to collect adult kits, bandage their rectums, and send a samples to a European Center for Environment Human Health in Cornwall, England.

According to Anne Leonard, a Ph.D. tyro during a University of Exeter and a lead researcher on a study, investigate surfers’ courage “will shed most indispensable light

“We’ve already shown that this H2O competence enclose antibiotic resistant bacteria,” she pronounced in a statement, “but we have no thought how this competence impact a microbes that live in a guts, or how it could impact on health.”

Researchers are anticipating to collect samples from 150 surfers and bodyboarders who strike a waves during slightest 3 times a month in waters off England, Wales and Northern Ireland, as good as from 150 nonsurfers who can offer as a control group. Then they will investigate a samples to see if surfers feast some-more superbugs than nonsurfers, and to see how tellurian bodies are influenced by these bacteria.

“If, and it’s usually if during this stage, we can uncover an towering turn of antibiotic-resistant germ in a surfer’s tummy bacteria, we can make a clever box to forestall untreated sewage entering a sea and for softened land government practices to stop runoff from farmland impacting H2O quality,” Andy Cummins, a campaigns executive for Surfers Against Sewage, told The Huffington Post. “This box could be adopted by H2O users and health bodies all over a world.”

Cummins pronounced a scientists wish to have all a samples collected and logged by a finish of a summer, and devise to investigate them over a winter.

Article source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/06/18/superbug-surfer-study_n_7607370.html?utm_hp_ref=hawaii&ir=Hawaii


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