What to expect from Disney+ streaming service: Yes, it'll include Marvel and Star Wars


Look out, Netflix.

ANAHEIM — Disney+’s strategy to compete against Netflix: It all comes down to one word – branding. 

Many consumers have complained that Netflix has so much content, it’s hard to navigate. But in a sneak peek at the interface for the new Disney+ streaming service, which debuts Nov. 12, Disney is relying on five distinct categories. 

Consumers will see the newest offerings highlighted in five categories: Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic. 

“We’re content quality over content quantity,” says Michael Paull, president of Disney Streaming Services, in an interview at the Disney D23 Fan Expo. “It’s all about our brands.”

Disney acquired the massive 20th Century Fox library and studio in 2019, but the Fox logo didn’t make the cut for the branding. Instead, Disney chose National Geographic, which was owned by Fox, because he says it has a huge brand appeal for co

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The streaming wars will be played out in force in the fall, as Disney looks to take on industry leader Netflix and Apple joins the party as well with its TV+ service, which is also expected to launch in November. 

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  • Princess Jasmine from Aladfdin, April Barbosa-Pena from Palmdale, California1 of 46
  • Dressed as characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas.2 of 46
  • Dressed as characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas.3 of 46
  • Rapunzel4 of 46
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  • The Nightmare Before Christmas.6 of 46
  • Logo for D23 Expo7 of 46
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  • Princesses from the Disneyland Main Street Parade9 of 46
  • Mary Poppins and Bert from Mary Poppins.10 of 46
  • Princess Jasmine11 of 46
  • The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, and a princess.12 of 46
  • The Frito Kid from a vending machine at Disneyland, and a pizza delivery guy.13 of 46
  • Characters from Mulan.14 of 46
  • Toy Story15 of 46
  • Disney+ is the new streaming service from Disney, launching in November16 of 46
  • Disney+ is the new streaming service from Disney, launching in November17 of 46
  • Disney+ is the new streaming service from Disney, launching in November18 of 46
  • Disney+ is the new streaming service from Disney, launching in November19 of 46
  • Disney's D23 Expo20 of 46
  • Mother and son dressed as Disney characters21 of 46
  • Fans line up at a Marvel booth at the Disney D23 Expo22 of 46
  • From Fantasia.23 of 46
  • Spiderman and two fans24 of 46
  • Disney+ is the new streaming service from Disney, launching in November25 of 46
  • From Toy Story.26 of 46
  • A mashup of Disney characters27 of 46
  • Storm troopers from Star Wars.28 of 46
  • Storm troopers from Star Wars.29 of 46
  • Pixar display at D2330 of 46
  • From Babes in Toyland.31 of 46
  • From Frozen II.32 of 46
  • Han Solo at the end of the Empire Strikes Back.33 of 46
  • Han Solo from behind.34 of 46
  • Cinderella35 of 46
  • Cinderella36 of 46
  • The convention floor at D2337 of 46
  • The convention floor at D2338 of 46
  • The wasp from The Ant-man and the Wasp.39 of 46
  • Captain America40 of 46
  • Star Wars.41 of 46
  • The D23 floor42 of 46
  • Two fans of Disney +43 of 46
  • Princess Jasmine from Aladdin and her friends.44 of 46
  • Princess Jasmine from Aladdin and her friends, Kelsey Ikemiya, Jsmine Sosa, and April Barbosa-Pena45 of 46
  • Outside D2346 of 46

Waiting in the wings: Warner Media’s HBO Max, an add-on for HBO, is launching in the spring, along with a new service from NBC Universal. 

Disney surprised many observers by pricing Disney+ low, at $6.99 monthly; and it is offering a bundle with Disney’s ESPN+ and Hulu for $12.99 a month, a savings of $5 monthly. Netflix’s most popular plan is $12.99 monthly. 

A handful of original titles has been announced for Disney+, including a new Star Wars live-action series called “The Mandalorian,” a series based on the “High School Musical” movie called “High School Musical the Musical the Musical” and a live-action version of the Disney classic “The Lady and the Tramp.” But Paull said the lion’s share of content will come from the Disney-owned libraries. 

At D23, Disney announced that its entire library of animated classics and the entire Pixar library would be available for viewing on Disney+.

Like Netflix, the service will have a “suggested for you,” section, offering movies and TV shows it thinks you’d like to watch, based on your viewing history. 

“Disney has deals to get the service on Roku and Apple TV but, as of now, doesn’t currently have a deal for Amazon’s Fire TV Stick,”  Paull said. Disney will have more devices online by Nov. 12 and noted that Amazon currently has a deal with Disney to run its ESPN+ service on Amazon’s Prime TV.

Despite featuring no Fox branding on the service, Disney+ will have the complete library of Fox’s The Simpsons available for streaming.

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