What does Shazam! tell us about the future of Superman?

Note: There are Shazam! spoilers ahead

Late last year, there were rumors about Superman reportedly having a cameo appearance in Shazam!, but the details surrounding his appearance were unclear. Turns out, those rumors were true, as the Man of Steel briefly shows up in a cameo that beautifully punctuates a great movie.

While it’s a fun cameo that shows Shazam and Superman in the same universe, it raises a few questions. Namely, is Henry Cavill done as Superman for good? It sure seems that way.

Shazam! features an epic cameo

Although Superman does appear in Shazam!, his face is never shown. Therefore, audiences are meant to assume it’s Cavill donning the famous suit. After all, he’s already been in three movies as the Man of Steel. But since the camera only shows Superman from the neck down, we don’t know for sure.

Last year, a rumor claimed Cavill stepped down from the role after talks between him and Warner Bros. broke down. Even before Shazam! Was released, Cavill’s days as Superman looked numbered. Although he was perfectly cast, the movies he appeared in as Superman weren’t exactly warmly received by critics.

Since reports hit last year about Cavill stepping away from playing Superman, neither the actor nor Warner Bros. has said much about his future. The only thing Warner Bros. has said is that Cavill and the studio have a “great relationship.”

Shazam! post-credits scenes explained

But seeing Superman in a movie without showing Cavill in that role raises all kinds of questions. Has Cavill really stepped away from being the Man of Steel? Does Warner Bros. have plans to recast the role in the future, whether it be Shazam! 2 or another solo Superman film?

It’s unclear when or if we’ll get a straight answer from either party. For now, it seems Cavill has moved on from playing the Man of Steel. He had a fantastic turn as August Walker in Mission: Impossible – Fallout and is set to play Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s The Witcher.

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