Walmart is a dystopia of weird tech and we love it

Not only is Walmart home to some truly odd creatures, but, it turns out, the big box retailer sells plenty of weird gadgets, too. We bought a few to see if they’re any good.

I don’t mean weird in the sense that there are VCRs still sitting on store shelves (although I wouldn’t be surprised to find a location selling them). We scoped out the kind of technology any normal consumer would avoid, but for some reason Walmart still sells. Speakers that blast water to the beat? Reece’s-themed headphones? A $15 handheld camera that records Full HD? These are the type of gadgets you’d expect to find at a garage sale in the middle of nowhere.

There is so much good (and affordable) technology out there (including at Walmart) that it’s almost offensive Walmart tries to hock these gadgets. As you might have guessed, a camera that’s just $15 isn’t very good (or very functional), and Reece’s-themed headphones shouldn’t be your go-to during a long commute.

If you like a good bargain, indiscriminately choosing gadgets off the shelf at Walmart isn’t the smartest move. But we did it anyway, because why not? Check out the video above to see what we found.

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