Video Assistant Referees prepared for UEFA Champions League knockout phase

After successful technological contrast and a training of referees over a final few months, Video Assistant Referees (VAR) will be in use from now on for all UEFA Champions League matches.

VAR has been introduced during domestic and general turn in other competitions. Nevertheless, here is a discerning beam to how it will work in a UEFA Champions League.

• A VAR organisation – a video partner referee, an partner video referee, and dual video operators – will be located during any track and will support a decision-making routine of a referee.

Find out when VAR is being rolled out in UEFA competitions

Find out when VAR is being rolled out in UEFA competitions

• The VAR organisation will constantly check for transparent and apparent errors associated to a following 4 match-changing situations:

a. Goals

b. Incidents in a chastisement area

c. Red cards

d. Mistaken identity

• The VAR organisation will check all match-changing situations, though will usually meddle for transparent and apparent mistakes. The arbitrate can reason adult play while a preference is being reviewed.

• If a VAR examination provides transparent justification for a critical mistake in one of a game-changing situations, a VAR can afterwards ask a arbitrate to control an on-field examination (by observation replay footage in a examination area). The final preference can usually be taken by a referee.

The 4 match-changing situations explained

The 4 match-changing situations explained

• The VAR is also means to take into comment any transgression that could have taken place in a evident rave to a occurrence (the aggressive proviso of play).

• For ‘factual’ decisions (e.g. offsides, fouls in or outward a chastisement area), a VAR can simply surprise a arbitrate of those contribution and a on-field perspective shade isn’t needed, though it is always a arbitrate who takes a final decision.

• The on-field examination routine will be communicated within a track regulating possibly a track screens or a open proclamation system.

• Because VAR is being used, there will be no additional partner referees.

In addition, a UEFA Executive Committee motionless to also use VAR during a 2019 UEFA Europa League final, a 2019 UEFA Nations League Finals and a final contest of a 2019 UEFA European Under-21 Championship. As already motionless during a Sep assembly of a UEFA Executive Committee, VAR will afterwards also be used in a 2019/20 UEFA Champions League, from a play-off theatre of a competition, and during a 2019 UEFA Super Cup. UEFA still skeleton to subsequently extend a use of VAR to a UEFA EURO 2020 final tournament, a 2020/21 UEFA Europa League (group theatre onwards) and a 2021 UEFA Nations League Finals.

For a full talk with UEFA arch refereeing officer Roberto Rosetti about a introduction of VAR, greatfully click here.

The custom on when and how to use VAR has been tangible by a International Football Association Board, that also defines a Laws of a Game. The IFAB VAR custom is accessible here.

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