UEFA Champions League rough turn draw: Tuesday 11 June

  • The pull will be done during 12:00CET on Tuesday 11 June.
  • The rough turn is a one-venue mini-tournament consisting of a semi-final turn on 25 Jun and a final 3 days after (all one-off matches). This season’s matches will be hosted by Kosovo during Pristina’s Fadil Vokrri Stadium.

  • The winners of a final turn enter a initial subordinate turn on 9/10 16/17 July, with their opponents motionless in a pull on 18 June.
  • The 3 losing teams send to a UEFA Europa League second subordinate round.

Draw procedure

The champions of a 4 lowest-ranked nations in a 2018 UEFA organisation bar fellow rankings (Gibraltar, Andorra, San Marino and Kosovo) enter a rough turn as per a entrance list. The dual clubs with a top bar fellow are seeded for a semi-final draw.

Seeded: Lincoln Red Imps (GIB), FC Santa Coloma (AND)
Unseeded: Tre Penne (SMR), Feronikeli (KOS)

An additional pull determines that semi-final leader will be deliberate a favoured home group for a final.

Clubs’ coefficients are dynamic EITHER by a sum of all points won in a prior 5 years OR by a organisation fellow over a same period – WHICHEVER IS THE HIGHER.

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