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Trump supporters heckle Mitt Romney, yell ‘traitor’ on flight to DC, videos show

  • January 06, 2021

Ahead of planned protests contesting election results, Trump supporters encountered and berated Sen. Mitt Romney, calling him “a joke” and a “traitor” as he traveled Tuesday to Washington, D.C.

Video showing Romney, R-Utah, working on a computer in an airport while at least two people heckle him over his objection to overturn Electoral College results has been circulating on Twitter.

The video comes as President Trump and his allies continue to make baseless remarks that the election was stolen, despite no evidence of widespread voter fraud.

In the video, a person approaches Romney, who asks the person to put their mask on.

“Please put your mask on,” Romney says. “It’s required by law.” 

The person says they are 6 feet away, but then agrees. 

“I’m going to go ahead and do it because I want to have a chat with you.”

President Donald Trump’s failed efforts to overturn the election

“We have a Constitution, the Constitution process is clear. I’ll follow the Constitution and I’ll explain all of that when we meet in Congress this week,” Romney replies.

The person then accuses Romney of not representing “conservative constituents” in Utah, referencing Romney’s lack of support for Trump throughout the 2020 election cycle. 

Romney walks away from the cellphone holder as the person and at least one other call Romney names.

gathering in the nation’s capital to protest what they contend are fraudulent election results.

Chants of “USA” and “stop the steal” rang out in Washington as rally-goers from across the U.S. protest election results that Congress will be working to certify later. 

effort from a handful of GOP senators to contest the election results will likely fail, and Congress is expected to approve Electoral College result.

The Congress session marks one of the last chances for Trump and his allies to protest the outcome of the election. 

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