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Air travel in Europe is a mess. Trains are a cheaper, quicker workaround.

  • July 07, 2022
  • With European air travel in disarray, coupled with affordable train rides, taking a few days to reach your destination is a good alternative.
  • Many European Union countries are increasing their railway routes and services.
  • The total cost of five days of trains, crossing five countries was about $200.

“It’s not the Orient Express but you’re halfway there” my father jokes with me at his house in the UK, bidding me farewell as I’m setting off on a trains-only journey back to my summer home in Croatia.

Train travel is on the rise in Europe, with many European Union countries increasing their railway routes and services. ÖBB (Austrian Railways) are leading the sector, having laid on a host of new long-distance sleeper and daytime routes, with France’s TGV, Italy’s Trenitalia and Sweden’s SJ networks all following suit.

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