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12 Things Flight Attendants Always Have With Them When They Fly

  • March 12, 2018

“I’d contend many moody attendants always transport with an additional span of shoes. At my possess airline, moody attendants are compulsory to wear 2-inch heels by a airport. But once you’re on a craft for 10-plus hours, 2-inch pumps only won’t cut a mustard. So, many moody attendants move flat, gentle boots for working, or what we like to call ‘in-flights.’ So you’ve got your ‘airport’ or ‘terminal’ boots (we also wear these during boarding and deplaning), afterwards we have your ‘in-flights,’ that we’ll put on after take-off and before service. I also know of some moody attendants that always transport with fold-able flip-flops, we know, only in box their flights get re-routed to a beach somewhere!” ― Kelly Kincaid, moody attendant with a vital conduit and creator of Jetlagged Comic

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