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Tired of media’s Pentagon spin? Lee Camp outlines 6 things we aren’t being told about a US assassination of Soleimani (VIDEO)

The horde of Redacted Tonight has listed 6 things about a rarely argumentative murdering that a media has possibly abandoned totally or under-reported, including a not-so-convenient fact that Soleimani had come to Baghdad to reason de-escalation talks with Saudi Arabia – before being killed by a US drone.

And what about a fact that a US carried out this strike but a accede of a approved ‘ally’, Iraq, or a totally unsubstantiated indictment that Soleimani’s assassination was fit since he was plotting opposite a United States?

Camp tears into a media’s uncritical and all-too-familiar narrative, and asks: Do we unequivocally wish to enter into a fight that would expected kill millions of people, usually to find out it was all formed on lies – again?

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