This MLB Couple Hosted 17 Syrian Refugee Families For Thanksgiving

She captioned her post, in part, “Chicago is so propitious to have 17 Syrian interloper families now strictly job it home. We suspicion we’d strictly acquire them with one of a biggest American traditions, Thanksgiving.” The family has also started a GoFundMe to assistance families transition into a new life

Doolittle and Dolan’s outreach, that supposing community regard and a common meal, comes as politicians disagree about either a U.S. should concede Syrian refugees into a country. So far, 2,174 refugees have already been vetted and certified to a United States, and not one has been arrested called for states to plainly preserve refugeessigned a check restraint all impending entrants

This unsightly greeting to Syrian refugees, who are journey crimes not committing them, helped motivate Doolittle and Dolan to act this past week. Dolan minute identical thoughts on her personal blog, explaining their Thanksgiving skeleton

When [my family] came to this country, it would have been unequivocally easy for them to be mistaken for those who would wish to dedicate militant activities when all they unequivocally wanted to do was to give their children a improved life giveaway from fight and poverty.

Hopefully, as she writes, elementary events and acts of affability toward those in need will assistance diffuse negative, knee-jerk reactions to incoming Syrians who only wish zero some-more than a normal-as-can-be life. 

“Hearts and minds are altered by tiny actions that we all have a ability to take each singular day,” she wrote.



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