These Samsung devices forever changed the way we look at smartphones

The best ever made

Galaxy S10+

Staff favorite

The Galaxy S10+ is Samsung’s modern marvel of a device. It’s the pinnacle of the company’s design prowess, reaching higher levels than ever before and giving us innovation like the Infinity-O display. From corner to corner, it’s a symmetrical display that has the camera embedded into it via a laser-cut hole, making way for the front-facing camera. This is Samsung’s best smartphone ever.

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Original groundbreaker

Galaxy S III

Back in 2012, Samsung was a trusted source in phones but it was not quite at the level of Apple. That all changed with the Galaxy S III, which proved to be the company’s breakthrough in the smartphone industry. Instead of taking Apple head-on, it decided to go bigger with a normal 4.8-inch display smartphone that changed the way we look at smartphones forever.

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A resurgent return

Galaxy S6

Around 2015, Samsung’s design prowess had hit a big, plastic wall and it needed to change things up drastically if it was going to keep up with Apple. Enter the Galaxy S6, Samsung’s major entry into premium smartphone design that became the first generation of devices it is still making today. The metal band and glass panels delivered a luxury feature that Android users loved from the get-go.

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The innovator

Galaxy Note

If the Galaxy S III normalized the idea of big-screen smartphones, the Galaxy Note ramped up the sheer absurdity of them to its fullest potential. At the time, Apple was stuck with a 3.5-inch display, and Samsung asked, how would you like a 5.3-inch display? Many called it a joke of a device, yet it turned out to be a trailblazer that continued to push the size of displays for years to come and birthed the phablet movement.

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Experimentation and adventure

Galaxy Note Edge

Nowadays, everybody likes to experiment with weird devices, but not too long ago, only Samsung partook in these projects to stretch the boundaries of smartphone design and one of those was the Galaxy Note Edge. This version of the Note had a cascading edge display that provided a unique experience with a folding panel for added functionality. Guess where that led us? Samsung’s Infinity Display.

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Into the future

Galaxy Fold

Despite its notable issues, the Galaxy Fold is Samsung’s next step in the evolution of its smartphone design and it has us excited. Closed it has a 4.6-inch display that lets you do anything regular smartphone does, but open it up and you enter tablet mode with a 7.3-inch display. With the full display, you’ll be able to interact with three apps at the same time. Time will only tell where the Galaxy Fold pushes Samsung.

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Not many companies can boast a smartphone legacy that rivals that of Samsung. Its devices have changed the way we interact with smartphones. Currently, the Galaxy S10+ is one of the best smartphones available, yet there are more on the horizon, like the Galaxy Fold, that will push us further into the future.

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