The World Ends With You: Final Remix Coming to the Switch this October

I’ve been a fan of Square ever since the days of the Super Nintendo, but there was a brief time when I wasn’t. In my young eyes, the post-Square Enix merger days dried up competition in the JRPG market, pushed two of the genre’s giants into complicity, and failed to produce a quality, original title for a good many years. As a kid, I worshiped Square… but loathed Square Enix.

The World Ends With You was the first title to help drag the company back into my good graces. This excellent, cult-classic Nintendo DS game came with all the funky and experimental attitude of Square during its PlayStation, and now it’s coming back to the Nintendo Switch on Oct. 12.

Thankfully, the game also comes with many of the improvements made in the iOS port, especially the simplification of the game’s combat. As many hours as I sunk into this game throughout my Japanese countryside train commute, I never once got the hang of dealing with combat on two screens. The Switch version will address this issue, as well as add support for the Joy-Con controller and co-op gameplay.

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