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Zoom Apps: How the video conferencing experience is changing

  • July 22, 2021

Zoom fatigue” as pandemic restrictions lift and we seek out more human interaction.

The video conferencing service, which doubled as a critical lifeline along with other video chat tools during the pandemic, announced Wednesday that it’s rolling out new Apps and Events options.

A Zoom Apps Marketplace has been updated to support more than 50 Zoom apps that users can launch from within a chat.

Available apps including the productivity tool Asana, storage service Dropbox Spaces, and even games such as Heads Up. Zoom says more are in development or are coming soon.

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Zoom Events offers the option to host hybrid events directly in Zoom. Hosts are able to manage everything from one-day events to multi-day conferences, issuing tickets and opening virtual lobbies for visitors to congregate before and after events.

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But the use of apps like Zoom likely won’t go away. According to a Harris Poll survey conducted in May, 40% of Americans prefer to work from home full time, while another 35% want a hybrid schedule where they split up time between home and the office.

The apps could also help curb “Zoom fatigue.” A study earlier this year from Stanford University attributed it to multiple causes including a lack of mobility and too much close-up eye contact.

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