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Winter Skin Saver: Meet Your New Favorite Chemical-Free Makeup Remover

  • January 26, 2021

Transitioning into these colder months means it is more important to take care of your skin. Winter weather can be drying and irritating, so it is time to take a re-stock of the products you are using. The Original MakeUp Eraser — made of a premium, polyester material — is the chemical-free alternative to makeup wipes. With just the addition of water, the Original MakeUp Eraser removes all makeup, even waterproof mascara.  Forget those wipes full of harmful chemicals, there is nothing “cleaner” than using only water to clear your skin. Plus, Original MakeUp Eraser is double-sided and gently exfoliates your skin making it a chapped lip and dry skin game-changer.

Plus, Original MakeUp Eraser eliminates waste and helps save the planet. Just use your MakeUp Eraser a few times a week then throw it in the washing machine, and reuse it over and over again.

Why should Original MakeUp Eraser be your new obsession?

  • ONLY WATER! No added chemicals
  • Reusable machine washable
  • No more constantly buying makeup wipes
  • Better for my skin
  • Better for the environment

As a bonus, Original MakeUp Eraser has a winter-themed set, including: 

  • 1 full-size MakeUp Eraser
  • 4 butterfly clips
  • 1 makeup bag

Exclusive in store online at Sephora.


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