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Why 9 Celebs Debuted Major Hair Transformations Over the Years

  • July 12, 2020

Stars love to debut buzzworthy hair changes! From Pamela Anderson’s pixie cut in 2013 to Kate Hudson’s buzz cut in 2017, a handful of transformations have been permanently ingrained into our memory over the years.

While wigs are a fun way to embrace new hair colors or lengths, stars rarely regret fully committing to a new ‘do. Both Anderson and Hudson have admitted that their dramatic hair changes were overall a positive experience.

Anderson ditched her long, signature blonde locks for the super-short style. In November 2014, she went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about her transformation. “I just thought, you know, my hair had had a life,” she explained. “I wanted to kind of put that behind me and start fresh.”

Hudson buzzed her head specifically for a film, but during an interview on The Lorraine Show in March 2018, she revealed that she misses it! My boyfriend [Danny Fujikawa] used to rub my head and it would put me right to sleep,” she told the host. “I’ll never forget that sensation of just falling asleep to him rubbing my head. I’d never felt anything like that before.”

One of the buzziest hair changes of recent was Savannah Chrisley’s decision to go from a long bob to a pixie! “I kind of just wanted a change,” the Growing Up Chrisley star told Us Weekly in July 2020, reflecting on the haircut she got in October 2019. “And I also had kind of gotten my hair colored too close in time by different people and it just completely fried my hair. So I really had no choice, but to cut it off.”

Keep scrolling to see these hair transformations and more! Plus, find out the specific reasons why the stars committed to their new ‘dos.

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