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Watch the Galaxy Note 8 get tortured—and survive with flying colors

  • September 09, 2017

Samsung is in the middle of its golden era of design, having knocked it out of the park with the Galaxy S8. This is very much the same story with the Note 8. JerryRigEverything just did his usual testing with Samsung’s latest flagship, and save for the glass, the Note 8 was basically built like a tank.

Like most of his testing, JerryRigEverything first begins with testing how durable the front Gorilla Glass 5 is. On the Ohms pick scale, the Note 8 goes to a level 6, the same as the Galaxy S8. This will protect the screen from normal everyday contact with keys, coins and other objects. It’ll take something really strong to leave an impressionable scratch.

The front camera and sensors are covered by the same glass so you should expect the same type of protection. Samsung has made it a habit of making all of the earpieces out of metal, which means it won’t rip over time like other vinyl alternatives.

Aside from the plastic tip, which is replaceable, the S Pen is solid metal. This bodes well for the longevity of the pen with heavy usage.

Moving on to the glass back, it features the same Gorilla Glass 5 and it’s just as durable. The dual camera has a metal ring around it that slightly raises the camera when the phone is face down. Samsung included the same durable glass for the camera cover. To the right, the fingerprint sensor can take heavy scratches but it’ll still be able to read fingerprints. Good to know.

The metal frame dons a slick glossy black paint that can be scratched, but it provides a rigid exterior that protect the glass.

Finishing off is the bend test, and the Note 8 passes with flying colors. The rigid frame doesn’t even give slightly, holding tightly into place. It’s a shining example of Samsung’s superior build of its phones. Overall, the Note 8 will stand up to any type of daily wear (within reason).

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