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Walmart is taking the high road by canceling SNES pre-orders, and other retailers should follow

  • September 09, 2017

Walmart is smart in that it realizes this is supposed to be a happy occasion, and it is perhaps even smarter than Nintendo at this point. This SNES Classic Edition serves no purpose other than to bring joy to longtime fans, and the way all parties have gone about making it available has done just the opposite.Just look at Nintendo! once again tapping into our nostalgia when it pitched this device, has since gone silent on the matter, seemingly ignoring it and writing it off as another bum decision in a long history of bum decisions.

Just look at Nintendo! It picked at our precious nostalgia with the announcement, making us all excited, but it has since gone silent on the matter, seemingly ignoring it and writing it off as another bum decision in a long history of bum decisions.

I doubt we’ll ever get a response to the ocean of criticisms at this point. Keep ostriching, Nintendo. We see you doing it!

Walmart at least recognizes that this device serves no practical, long-term model for success. It’s a one-time purchase, limited edition device that won’t even be available after six months. Software will never be developed for it. DLC, warranties, and subscription plans won’t bring in additional bucks. The SNES Class Edition genuinely serves no purpose other than to deliver a little smile and a “Thank you for your loyalty over the years” to fans.

And yet, this stupid little emulation device has caused headaches across the board. For what? The profits from this thing can’t be that high, can they?

Whatever the profits made off of selling an SNES Classic Edition are, they definitely aren’t worth all of the negative PR they have caused. Nintendo has taken a beating over its incompetence, and online retailers have whittled away the trust of their frequent customers. Walmart, seeing that there is no proper end to this nonsense, at least decided to take the first step into making this right.

By canceling the pre-orders of scalpers and those that would ruin a good time for millions, Walmart is showing that it is listening to the angry waves of fans. There is nothing in the world that gamers hate more than being ignored. No doubt, Walmart came to the conclusion that the negative press surrounding the SNES Classic Edition would only swell to unbearable levels as the official release grew closer and closer, so it might as well just cut off one of the main critcisms at the source.

This way, Walmart can actually have the image of looking pro-active and could even score some praise out of this whole affair, which was supposed to be the reason the SNES Classic Edition exists in the first place. Who knows, maybe even Nintendo is working with Walmart behind the scenes, trying to fix this problem silently and without committing to any route to success.

That would be a leap of faith, but if other retailers, like Target, GameStop, Best Buy, and Amazon, started following suit, it wouldn’t be out of the question either.

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