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Up your caffeine level with a proper pour over coffee kettle

  • September 18, 2020

The stainless steel gooseneck from Willow Everett is a satisfying balance of affordability and functionality. The first-ever gooseneck with presets, this electric kettle has five preset temperatures that fill the needs of all coffee and tea lovers. Instead of buttons that must be pressed, these are touch-sensitive, so a few taps get you up and running.

The gooseneck is angled nicely, allowing for a consistent and controllable pour with no spilling. The pot heats quickly and accurately, and a “keep warm” function holds water temperature steady so you can enjoy more than one cup at a time.

If there’s anything to complain about, it’s the lid. While well-sealed and indestructible, it tends to slip off the kettle when emptying out the final pour. This is solved by holding the cover down when pouring, which is recommended, but also worth mentioning. This kettle is still one of my favorites for tea and coffee. The presets are easy to use, the buttons are touch-sensitive, and the pour is slow and easy.

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