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This iPhone 8 concept is the smartphone we wish Apple would make

  • January 01, 2017

What do you want from the next iPhone? An OLED screen? An improved camera? Maybe the death of the home button?

We don’t know what Apple intends to release next year but won’t stop people from dreaming. This iPhone 8 concept, released last week, imagines what Apple’s device would look like if fans were involved in the design process. Everything from a bezel-less display to Touch ID embedded in the display is featured, making us pine for what could be in next year’s release.

What’s notable about this concept is the cues it takes from devices like the V10 and V20. Rather than a home button, the concept inserts a secondary display at the bottom—a Touch Bar if you want to stick with Apple’s preferred vernacular.

You’ll never get this iPhone

The problem with concepts is we’ll never see them come to fruition. As badly as we want this iPhone to exist, it won’t. Not only because it’s technologically unfeasible, but because Apple is slow to adopt new trends in the market. It’s unlikely we’ll see an iPhone with wireless charging for at least a few years.

In fact, we’ve been hearing next year’s release will simply be a general follow-up to the iPhone 7, with the possibility of a new color. That’s about as far from this concept as you can get. The New Year is just around the corner, however, which means we’ll soon start seeing iPhone rumors pop up with greater frequency.

In the meantime, check out the concept and yearn for what will never be.

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