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The Real Reason Why Rebecca Judd Hasn’t Had a Pro Manicure in 5 Years

  • June 02, 2020
Why Rebecca Judd Hasn’t Had a Professional Manicure in 5 Years
Rebecca Judd. Robert Anthony/MEGA

Rebecca Judd revealed that she hasn’t had a manicure in 5 years during her latest 3pm Pickup segment with co-host Katie ‘Monty’ Dimond. Turns out the radio host is just like Us!

The 37-year-old mom of four shared her excitement for businesses to start reopening as the COVID-19 threat diminishes on the June 1 episode of the Australian radio show.

While co-host Dimond was particularly excited about the thought of nail salons reopening, Judd didn’t agree. She told her co-host that it’s been half of a decade since she’s paid for a mani.

“I don’t have time,” she explained. “I always chip them on the way out.”

Dimond recommended trying a shellac manicure, which can last up to a month, as opposed to a basic manicure.

“But then there’s that constant maintenance,” said Judd. I don’t like it. It ruins underneath.”

Chris Judd’s wife said that she prefers her natural nails to what she calls “chipped bogan nails.”

But interestingly enough, Judd believes that one should always have their toenails painted because “toenails are gross.”

Judd recommends 5-free nail polish, A.K.A. formulas that are free of five toxic ingredients including camphor, an ingredient that causes your nails to develop a yellow color when they’re polish-free.

“You can leave it on for weeks and when it comes off your nail bed is completely normal nail color,” the radio host raved.

Unlike Judd, many celebs have managed to maintain their manicures during quarantine. Take Cardi B, for example. She hired a manicurist to come to her home during the COVID-19 outbreak to get a fresh set of pink acrylics.

The “I Like It” singer even criticized Bernie Sanders’ unmanicured nails during an Instagram Live on April 14.

The politician asked the Bronx native how his nails looked since she’s queen of statement-making acrylics.

“I want you to take a look at my nails,” he said. “How are they looking?”

“They’re looking very quarantine,” she replied. Iconic.

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