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The Pebble-inspired smartwatch from Fitbit has a name

  • March 10, 2018

Fitbit wants to reclaim dominance in the wearables space. It lost significant ground due to the market’s appeal shrinking while one company holds steady sales, but soon Fitbit is introducing an entry-level smartwatch that aims to bring back consumers. Just maybe they’ll put their trust in the company once again to sell an affordable, capable smartwatch with significant third-party support.

Behind the scenes, Fitbit is developing the smartwatch to have mass market appeal. The design won’t skew to a specific gender, and it’ll be sold in various styles to match one’s personal tastes. Fitbit now wants to create a smartwatch that’s simple and modern, not complex and industrial.

Images of the smartwatch leaked last month but without a name attached. This week, however, we’re learning what Fitbit plans on calling it. When it’s released, the Versa will be Fitbit’s latest smartwatch.

Along with the name, Evan Blass went ahead and shared an image of the Versa with his massive following on Twitter. We’re able to catch a glimpse at the smartwatch in an all-black style. The Versa looks similar to the Pebble Time 2, a smartwatch eventually canceled after Fitbit purchased its maker in late 2016.

Features reported by Warable include water resistance up to 50 meters and a SpO2 sensor. It won’t have a GPS, and that’s because Fitbit needs to ensure the smartwatch is affordable.

Fitbit is also believed to be working with developers of all types to bring apps to the platform. Without any developer showing their support, the Versa stands no chance of succeeding. It’s important for Fitbit to launch with a strong app library.

Little is known about a potential launch or release date, but the date on the watch face in this leak might help us out. It says November 23, and often the date or time on a product featured in a leak indicates when it’ll go official. So it’s possible that Fitbit announces the Versa near the end of the year even though we’d be hearing about and seeing it more than six months early.

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