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The best smart thermostats of 2021

  • January 06, 2021

Wyze, the budget-focused smart home company that’s been releasing great products left and right, now has a thermostat to compete with the likes of Nest. For a faction of the price of other smart thermostats, you get a quality product with a good amount of features, making it an incredible value. The app’s step-by-step walkthrough makes setup easy, and it’ll even help you create your first schedule and decide how much you favor comfort over energy savings—which affects how quick you want the temperature to be ready when you arrive home, how quickly it responds to temperature changes, and so on.

Like the Nest, it has a motion sensor that turns the screen on when you walk by, so you can see the current temperature of your room. The knob works very similarly to Nest’s rotating wheel as well—you just turn it to adjust the temperature. If you’re on Auto mode, you turn the wheel to select the Heat or Cool mode, then press inward to select that option and adjust the temperature. The button is a bit hard to press, though, with a bit more resistance than most people would expect, which can be a bit annoying. The knob also feels just a tad on the cheap side, but this isn’t much of a complaint—the whole unit still feels much nicer than its price tag would suggest.

Finally, schedule creation works much like the Ecobee and similar models, where you choose presets for Home, Away, and Sleep—though Wyze doesn’t allow you to create custom presets beyond those three. Then, you schedule when you want those presets to happen throughout the week. Wyze also offers a number of advanced options, like how often the fan cycles, the minimum run time, and even a temperature correction if you find the thermostat’s measurements are off by one or two degrees. For such an affordable device, it has rather fine-grained controls, while still being pretty easy to use, and Wyze is promising even more advanced features in the future. At the time of launch, though, it doesn’t support Google Home or Siri, which may be a deal breaker for some—so hopefully we see updates come soon to bring Wyze in line with its competition. For a budget-friendly smart thermostat that works with Google Assistant, we recommend our best value pick, the Emerson Sensi WiFi Touch Thermostat.

One final note: Wyze’s smart thermostat is currently available for pre-order only and is expected to ship in February.

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