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The best smart home devices for apartments

  • September 17, 2020

Having a few smart plugs throughout your apartment is a quick way to make some of your “dumb” appliances and accessories smart. The Currant Smart Outlet was the best smart plug we tested. This snazzy little gadget checks a lot of boxes on our wish list, including two side-facing outlets that can be independently operated. It’s attractive, offers energy monitoring, and it also has a really nifty orientation feature—you can switch the plate on the back so it can be plugged into your wall facing either right or left, which is incredibly handy.

Also, if plugged into the bottom outlet on your wall, it doesn’t cover the top one, leaving it free to use. Each outlet has an indicator light, which only fires up if that particular one is on. When not in use, it does not emit light.

There were no quirks to be found in its connectivity, as it responded just as effortlessly to the app as it did to Alexa.

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