Tesla to investigate Model S fire at Supercharger station

It’s unclear where the fire originated; i.e., if it was from an electrical malfunction or another factor inside of the vehicle’s cabin. Electrek says the incident is one of only a few known fires that occurred while the Model S wasn’t charging.

The publication does note, however, that Model S fires aren’t particularly unusual. The same model caught fire during a test drive last year, while Electrek also notes a an incident that saw a Model S that catch fire following an accident in Indianapolis.

Nobody was hurt

“We’re undergoing a full investigation and we’ll share our findings as soon as possible,” a Tesla spokesperson told Electrek.

As you can see in the Tweet below, the aftermath of the fire isn’t pretty. We’ll follow-up on this story if Tesla reports any unusual findings.

Article source: https://www.technobuffalo.com/2017/03/09/tesla-to-investigate-model-s-fire-at-supercharger-station-in-shanghai/