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T-Mobile does an LG V30 unboxing with another V30

  • September 29, 2017


Most carriers don’t do their own unboxings, but T-Mobile does and often creates a unique way to showcase new flagships. T-Mobile’s have involved swimming with sharks, skydiving, and other extreme stunts. The latest, however, is pretty tame. It’s just product expert Des Smith filming his LG V30 unboxing with another V30.

The entire video was shot on a V30. Smith starts by taking the phone through Seattle, proving how crisp and clear video recording on the V30 is. Then he brings in into the office for a regular unboxing but uses a second V30 to continue filming. Throughout the unboxing, Smith breaks away to other clips that highlight important features.

If you’re interested in the V30, it’ll be released by the major U.S. carriers next week. T-Mobile will start take pre-orders on October 5, and then the V30 will be released on the magenta-colored network on October 13. Customers can get the phone for $30/mo for 24 months with $80 down. Another option is to pay the full retail price, which is set at $800 for the V30. So it’s a very expensive phone, but the LG V30 does appear to be worth every penny.

Stay tuned for our full review of the LG V30 in the coming weeks.

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