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Surprise! JoJo Siwa Changes Her Hair Color for the 2nd Time in a Week

  • July 01, 2020
Surprise! JoJo Siwa Changes Her Hair Color for the 2nd Time in a Week
JoJo Siwa. MediaPunch/Shutterstock

Whoa! It appears as though JoJo Siwa’s already back to blonde after revealing her new brown locks in a TikTok video on June 26.

Every Time JoJo Siwa’s Gone Without Her Signature Ponytail and Bow

“Brown hair was fun…. but blonde is my thing!!!👱🏻‍♀️,” the 17-year-old YouTube personality captioned an Instagram photo of herself on Monday, June 29. She tagged L.A-based celebrity hair colorist Matt Rez in the pretty pic.

The Dance Moms alum was all smiles as she made a peace sign for the camera. She styled her fresh and vibrant blonde locks in her signature hairstyle: a high ponytail with a massive JoJo Bow.

JoJo Siwa Finally Reveals Why She’s Been Ditching Her Signature Ponytail

She also documented the change on her TikTok feed, posting a video of herself dancing around with her new brown hair. But in the second half of the video, Siwa goes from rocking chocolate-y strands to blonde ones! She captioned the clip, “we back!👱🏻‍♀️”

@itsjojosiwawe back!👱🏻‍♀️♬ original sound – flighthouse

Siwa hasn’t revealed why she didn’t keep the brunette shade for longer and fans were shocked to see it go so quickly. She debuted the new color less than a week ago, after all.

“I feel personally offended that I believed you would be a brunette forever,” one viewer commented on the TikTok post.

Another surprised fan wrote, “Wait. Hold it. We loved the brown hair.”

During an interview with Siwa in May, the Nickelodeon star told Us Weekly that she’s interested in dyeing her hair bold and bright hues in the future. At that time, she revealed that her “dream hair color,” is “rainbow ombré.”

Prior to debuting her brown hair on social media, the last time Siwa dyed her locks was when she went on a cruise ship during the 2019 holiday season. She had to spend a ton of time in the spa onboard because she couldn’t “go anywhere or do anything without causing problems” among fans.

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“So we’re on a seven-day cruise and finally on day three, I’m like, okay, I have had a mud massage, a seaweed massage, a rock massage, a salt massage, a normal massage, a deep tissue massage, a Swedish massage,” she explained.

But Siwa managed to keep her pink hair pretty hush-hush. “The reason really why no one saw it is because that’s when I got back, is when we went to Australia, and it was always covered by the ponytail that I put in,” she told Us. “I put in an extra hair piece for tour. Then after that is when I did The Masked Singer, so I was always under a mask and no one ever saw it.”

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