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Steam your way to sweet and savory success with these bamboo steamers

  • September 16, 2020

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Steamed food isn’t anywhere near as bland and joyless as it’s perceived to be, but it’s especially helpful to remember that it’s not just for cooking dim sum spreads or other pan-Asian foods — get creative! Season the cooking liquid however you’d like, and it will impart additional flavor to dishes while they steam. Dipping sauces, such as chili oil, are indispensable to add a burst of bold flavor. Mexican tamales, English sticky toffee pudding, and littleneck clams are traditionally steamed as well.

Ultimately, the steamer that’s right for you will come down to the same factors each time: capacity, diameter, and construction. Remember to consider that woods other than bamboo may be used to construct your steamer, affecting your food’s flavor. Mister Kitchenware’s 10 Inch 2-Tier Handmade Bamboo Steamer meets all of the most important criteria. With its washable mesh liners, chopsticks, and sauce dish, you have everything you need to test your new steamer for the first time. If you’re really concerned about the bottom tier scorching over time, then adding an adapter ring to elevate your steamer should alleviate your worries. Harness the power of water vapor, and steam with confidence!

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