Star Wars: Episode IX adds The Americans alum in undisclosed role

When Star Wars: Episode IX begins production at the end of July, the cast will be joined by a new face. According to a report from Variety, Keri Russell has been cast in an undisclosed role that calls for “action-heavy fight scenes.” Could she be Rey’s mom?

Russell was said to beat out a number of actors for the coveted role, and was hired just before the Fourth of July. While her role in the movie is unknown, the fact that she’ll be involved in action scenes suggests it’s significant. Russell will reportedly join two other new actors before production begins.

With J.J. Abrams now in Episode IX’s director’s chair, Russell’s appointment makes sense, as the two previously worked together on Mission: Impossible III. Russell, meanwhile, is no stranger to action-focused roles, playing the lead in FX’s The Americans.

With production for Episode IX starting this month, it’s likely we’ll learn more information about Russell’s exact role soon.

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