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Sonic the Hedgehog Extreme, the Sonic skateboarding game we never got

  • May 14, 2017

Host Liam Robertson recently dug into the long lost Sonic the Hedgehog Extreme prototype and the fascinating history behind it in the latest episode of Unseen64.

Apparently, this “Holy Grail” of Sonic games entered development without SEGA’s knowledge or consent. A company called Vision Scape Interactive ripped assets from existing games and slapped them to its own skateboarding mechanics used in previous games. The idea was to pitch the prototype to SEGA as a full PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube release, but SEGA ultimately passed on the project.

Only one copy of Sonic the Hedgehog Extreme is known to be in existence, and it was this build which provided the footage for the episode.

The game never made it beyond the prototype stages, but it clearly provided inspiration for the game Sonic Riders, which Sonic the Hedgehog racing game that came out shortly after this pitch failed to impress SEGA. The video points out that the game is much more open-world and less competitive than Sonic Riders, but nevertheless, the comparison hasn’t fallen short on fans.

He’s not always the fastest thing alive

Something has always irked me about Sonic the Hedgehog games that involve vehicles of any kind. I mean, isn’t Sonic supposed to be faster than go-karts and hoverboards? He can even run across the surface of water if he’s going fast enough, something we all know simple hoverboards are not even capable of nowadays.

Unless you got power!

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