Score a massive discount on the Nintendo Switch today only

The hottest console on the market right now is not the PS4 or Xbox One, but the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo knows this and has opted to offer absolutely no deals on the console a year into its lifespan. Luckily for us, eBay is having a storewide 20-percent off sale that applies to the portable console.

eBay’s storewide 20-percent off is only for today, so you’ll need to act fast. Buying the portable console through a retailer and using the promo code “PSPRING20” will bring down its price from the standard $300 to $260.

That’s by far the best deal the Switch has ever seen, other than a previous deal found through eBay. The earlier deal brought the Switch down to a stunning $224, but available units sold out within minutes.

Those who missed out on that deal can now score a Switch for a pretty sweet price. You can use the $40 you’re saving on the console to buy a copy of Super Mario Odyssey or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and your day will get even better. Don’t forget to use the promo code on the games as well. It applies to all purchases over $25.

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