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Researcher looks to know ‘mysterious’ Hydro dam earthquakes in Quebec

  • October 15, 2018

Filling a reservoirs of Quebec’s hydroelectric dams has infrequently caused tiny earthquakes — a routine that doesn’t seem to have occurred elsewhere in Canada, according to a seismologist who has complicated a phenomenon.

Maurice Lamontagne says it’s still not transparent because a tremors occurred, or because they happened in some cases yet not in others.

He says a tiny quakes start when a reservoirs are primarily filled with water, due to a increasing vigour placed on existent cracks in a rock.

The many absolute appears to be a bulk 4.1 earthquake that occurred during a stuffing of a Manic-3 generating hire in north-central Quebec in 1975.

More recently, hundreds of tiny quakes were purebred when a Romaine 2 dam was filled in 2014.

Lamontagne stresses that these were teenager earthquakes, descending brief of a bulk 5 turn that is generally a threshold for causing damage.

“We’re in an intraplate zone, definition we’re inside a tectonic plates,” pronounced Lamontagne, a Natural Resources Canada seismologist who contributed to a investigate that was recently published in a educational biography Seismological Research Letters.

“For this reason, a geological army are utterly diseased — a really firm Earth crust, that deforms really little.”

But Lamontagne pronounced in other tools of a world, a act of stuffing adult reservoirs can be adequate to means damage.

He pronounced a thespian instance occurred in India in 1967, when a major earthquake caused dozens of deaths nearby a site of a Koyna dam.

Why not elsewhere in Canada?

But what fascinates Lamontagne is a fact that, in Canada, a materialisation appears to be singular to Quebec and hasn’t been available in any other province.

When asked why, he pronounced only: “To be modest, it’s inlet that has a final word.”

Even in Quebec, a earthquakes don’t always occur, even when conditions seem gainful to them.

No seismic activity was available during a stuffing of a Manicouagan Reservoir in central Quebec, even yet it’s one of a biggest projects in a universe and some-more than 60 metres deep.

Furthermore, a dish in that a dam sits was caused by an ancient meteor _ definition scientists approaching some-more cracks.

“One would design a Earth’s membrane to be fractured by this impact,” he said. On a contrary, he said: “We never held a slightest earthquake.

“It’s engaging and … mysterious.”

In Quebec, a biggest hydroelectric projects have all been completed, with no vital new ones on a nearby horizon.

The final to be finished is a Romaine formidable in the Côte-Nord region, that has now filled 3 of a basins yet is still watchful for a fourth.

Lamontagne pronounced his investigate extends beyond Quebec and encompasses “all a story of earthquakes and reservoirs” in sequence to accumulate all a believe on a theme into a singular spot.

That investigate could come in accessible when it comes to assessing a environmental impact of large projects when a doubt arises, he said.

“If we don’t test, we won’t know if there are earthquakes,” he said.

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