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Razer Phone 2 Review: When Glowing Changes Are Not Enough

  • October 27, 2018

The impressive display pairs nicely with the blasting dual front-facing speakers with THX-certified amplifiers. One of the Razer Phone 2’s biggest additions is the new IP67 water and dust resistance, and as such, Razer had to tweak the speaker design to still have an impressive sound profile. To my ear, the only drawback is that the speakers don’t get as loud as the first generation, but I’ll take the trade off.

For things like listening to music, watching YouTube videos or playing games, the Razer Phone 2 gets really loud, though it’s about the same level as the iPhone XS. The thing the Razer Phone 2 has going for it is that both of its speakers fire directly at you.

Where the speakers truly shine is with Netflix and the HDR and Dolby Atmos support it takes advantage of. Listening to movies and TV shows on the Razer Phone 2 is an experience unlike any other and I can safely say no other smartphone matches it.

During my testing, I streamed Jurassic Park because of its amazing sound editing and the Razer Phone 2 did a magnificent job of sound separating from the right to the left speaker delivering all the quiet forest creaks to the intense Velociraptor shrieks. This was by far my favorite feature of the device.

Even though Razer positions the Razer Phone 2 as a media device, here’s where the company talks out of both sides of its mouth. Plainly put, there’s no reason why the phone shouldn’t have a headphone jack if it is a true media device. I know this is where smartphones are going, but with a phone this big and this heavy, might as well stick in a headphone jack.

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