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Promenades! Balls! The Best ‘Bridgerton’ Dresses and Suits From Season 1

  • April 14, 2021

Grab your empire waist gowns, tightest corset and cut yourself some baby bangs, because here at Stylish, we’re taking a trip back to the Regency era. From fabulous frocks and superior suits to beautiful ballgowns and crown jewels, we’re rounding up the best Bridgerton fashion moments from the show’s first season.

Netflix graced Us with a social season filled with some serious style. Whether Daphne was going on a promenade stroll with the Duke or the Featherington’s were conspiring a way to land a their dream suitor, the Bridgerton wardrobe was truly the real diamond of the season.

But such detailed dresses didn’t come from a costume store or spare closet, they were handmade by artisans from London, Budapest, New York, Rome, Lisbon, Madrid and Florence.

“From the ribbons intertwined through the wigs to the pastel satin dance slippers, we were able to create our version of a fashion house, a warehouse of apparel at our disposal,” Bridgerton costume designers Ellen Mirojnick and John Glaser tell Us Weekly.


Because of the custom pieces, the designers were able to mesh the “historic reality” of the Regency era with the “Bridgerton fantasy visual.” This was employed when creating the show’s all too recognizable corsets.

“This period focused on the upper parts of the female stature. A little control of these body parts is needed to enhance this enticing focus … The world’s most celebrated corset artist, Mr. Pearl, helped us blend the period accurate corset with the Bridgerton fantasy,” Mirojnick and Glaser tell Stylish.

They add: “This allowed the characters’ personalized silhouettes to still have the Regency appeal and showcase the beautifully historically accurate empire waist.”

In this series, the glitz was just as important as the gowns — and as such, there was no shortage of diamonds. “We were able to persuade Lorenzo Mancianti, an extraordinary jewelry artisan, to bring his expertise and genius into our House of Bridgerton. He created a vast amount of signature pieces for the show, from Queen Charlotte’s extensive necklace and earring collection, to hand painting the eye on Marina’s pearl-framed lover’s eye pendant necklace,” the designers shared.

Swarovski also opened their vault of sparkles, giving the team “entrance into their library of rare and unique crystal tiaras.” As for the pearls, gemstones, military regalia and men’s watches? Pikkio Jewels in Rome offered up their historic collection.

Accessorizing wasn’t just a fun way to spice up the looks, each piece was chosen with purpose. Mirojnick and Glaser said: “Every bow, shawl, necklace, sheer glove, floral headpiece and color palette tells us something with just one glance. We chose to freely embellish … not so much a historical look … but a fantasy look creating the Bridgerton style.”

Now that we’ve laid out how the looks came to be, make haste and keep scrolling. In advance of season 2 (and 3 and 4!), Stylish is sharing the best frocks straight from Madame Genevieve Delacroix’s studio, ahead.

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