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Perfect your winged eyeliner with the best makeup mirrors

  • September 30, 2020

makeup mirrors

Putting on makeup requires practice, skill, and the right shade of eye shadow for every occasion. If you’re trying to perfect winged eyeliner, or try a bold smoky eye, then being able to see what you’re doing is crucial. A quality makeup mirror can give you proper lighting and magnify your face to make application a breeze. These are our recommendations for the makeup mirrors that shouldn’t be missed.

  • Best overall: Wondruz makeup mirror
  • Runner up: Air expect makeup mirror
  • Budget pick: KOOLORBS magnifying makeup mirror
  • Wall mounted: Ovente makeup mirror
  • Extra bright: BESTOPE makeup mirror

Best overall

Wondruz makeup mirror

Staff Pick

Picking a makeup mirror doesn’t have to mean trading one feature for another. The Wondruz Makeup Mirror delivers a product with magnification, multiple angles, and enough lighting to let you see every pore as you put on your face. It features a three-panel design, allowing it to close and protect the mirrors when not in use. There are four mirrors across three panels, and 21 LED bulbs turned on with a button at the bottom of the primary mirror. It weighs only 2 lbs, and with dimensions of 12 x 7.9 x 3 inches, it’s also super portable, making it an excellent option for models and cosplayers! This option doesn’t plug into the wall either; it’s powered by USB or 4 AAA batteries.

$20 at Amazon

Runner up

Air expect makeup mirror

When putting on makeup, you not only need to be able to see what you’re doing, but you need all of your brushes and palettes close at hand. The Air Expect Makeup Mirror delivers a stellar product with space for your brushes, four mirrors, and plenty of LED lights to illuminate your face as you work. It features mirrors on hinges that close when not in use, and there is a standard mirror as well as 1x, 2x, and 3x magnification. The mirror itself comes in white or black, has multiple lighting modes, and rotates up to 90 degrees. The base has grooves for your makeup brushes as well, keeping them within easy reach.

$22 at Amazon

Budget pick

KOOLORBS magnifying makeup mirror

Makeup can get pricy fast, but your makeup mirror doesn’t have to cost a bundle to do its job. The KOOLORBS Magnifying Makeup Mirror delivers a stellar product at a price that can’t be beat. It weighs less than a pound, and with dimensions of 6.67 x 2.76 x 7.79 inches, it’s super portable and can easily be stowed away between uses. The mirror itself has 10x magnification for applying that eyeliner, along with 3-color lighting and brightness adjustments. This mirror also includes a suction cup to keep it secure on the counter while in use.

$15 at Amazon

Wall mounted

Ovente makeup mirror

Do you miss the awesome swiveling makeup mirrors that many hotels install in the bathroom? Now you can have one of your very own with the Ovente Makeup Mirror. It’s a low-profile circular mirror attached to the wall and swivels out when you’re ready to use it. This mirror comes in three different colors and features a swiveling arm, 360-degree rotation, and a dual sided mirror. One side gives you a 1x magnification while the opposite side delivers 10x, making it easier than ever to see what you’re doing. It even includes LED lights so that you can see what you’re doing and runs off of four AAA batteries.

$38 at Amazon

Extra bright

BESTOPE makeup mirror

When putting on makeup, having the right amount of light is crucial. You may end up putting on makeup too heavy or too light for the occasion at hand without it. The BESTOPE Makeup Mirror makes that a bit more convenient with a brightly lit mirror to help you look your best. It features three panels, four mirrors, and both 2x and 3x magnification options. It’s available in three colors, has 21 bright LEDs, and runs off 4 AAA batteries or a USB power cable.

$24 at Amazon

Bottom line

A quality makeup mirror lets you properly see what you’re doing and makes perfecting your makeup less of a hassle. While there are tons of great options out there, we recommend the Wondruz Makeup Mirror. It has a three-panel design, lights up with LEDs, runs off AAA batteries, and is small enough to be transported for weddings or conventions! This option also includes several magnified mirrors, so you can get a good view of what you’re doing, no matter how small the detail is!

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