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Not charged up: Why Canadians still aren’t shopping electric vehicles

  • December 31, 2017

Bruce Sharpe gave adult gasoline and says he’s never going back.

He pushes down a pedal, and his red Tesla Model S moves off a line during a Vancouver intersection with some-more giddy-up than most V8-powered sports cars.

He’s a boss of a Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association and is a large fan of a technology, notwithstanding describing himself as “not a automobile guy.”

Sharpe and others cruise Canadians have been too delayed to adopt electric cars.

“They’re quiet, they’re clean, a operational costs are really low ’cause you’re not shopping gas or oil,” he says. “They need really small upkeep since they are such elementary cars.”

Bruce Sharpe

Bruce Sharpe, boss of a Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association, says new, some-more affordable electric vehicles will win over consumers in a years ahead. (Paul Prefontaine/CBC)

And in terms of performance, he records some of a fastest cars around these days are electrics like a Tesla.

His Model S is pricey during some-more than $130,000, though he believes a slew of new, some-more affordable electric vehicles in a $30,000 range will win over consumers in a years ahead.

At a moment, he says, buyers who are creation a switch are encouraged by a enterprise to reduce emissions.

“Not usually is that good for reasons of meridian change, it also keeps a atmosphere cleaner, too.”

But those buyers make adult a little apportionment of a automobile marketplace in Canada.

Few Canadians buy electric

In 2016, usually 0.6 per cent of automobile sales in Canada were for electric vehicles, according to a report by Clean Energy Canada, a think-tank that advocates for choice energy. That’s good behind a U.S., U.K., China and other countries, and a distant cry from world personality Norway, where about a third of new automobile buyers are selecting battery over petroleum power.

Norway offers a slew of incentives, including taxation breaks and favoured diagnosis for electric owners.

In this country, Ontario, B.C. and Quebec have had some success charity money incentives to get consumers to make a switch, says Clean Energy Canada’s Dan Woynillowicz.

“Consequently, those provinces are a usually places where we’re saying most uptake of electric vehicles,” he says, “so what we need in Canada is some sovereign process to make certain people opposite a nation have entrance to electric cars.”

Charging station

This electric horse means no some-more trips to a gas siphon for automobile owners. (Paul Prefontaine/CBC)

Clean Energy Canada is calling for a inhabitant funding for buyers.

“Right now an electric automobile is some-more costly since of a battery, though charity that remission to people helps tighten a gap,” he says.

The news also calls for programs to enhance a network of quick charging stations and incentives to give the cars some-more inflection on dealership lots.

Woynillowicz says a record is removing improved and cheaper, though it already is rival with petroleum energy when we cruise a sum cost of shopping and handling a automobile over several years.

He records battery prices have forsaken 73 per cent since 2010, and that stream vehicles have adequate operation on one assign for 90 per cent of Canadian drivers.

Technology improving, prices falling

That “range anxiety” is one of a biggest obstacles to widespread consumer acceptance: Canadian drivers worry about being left stranded with a passed battery, says Sharpe.

Sharpe has finished endless highway trips with his automobile in Canada and a U.S. and says operation stress doesn’t last long.

“Most people figure that out within a initial few days of carrying it.”

And for discount hunters, some-more and some-more used vehicles are entrance onto a marketplace during really appealing prices, quite for entrance turn cars such as a Nissan Leaf.

His association’s mission, he says, is proselytizing for a protons he believes offer so many advantages to drivers and to a environment.

Woynillowicz also believes some-more buy-in of electrics will be good for a Canadian economy, observant that Canada mines a lot of a metals used to build electric cars.

He also says there are outrageous opportunities in production as good as formulating program for a record that powers a vehicles.

Transport Canada says it’s operative on a devise for electrics as partial of it Zero-Emissions Vehicle Strategy, with sum to be expelled in 2018. 

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