New AirPods Due Out in 2019 With This Very Convenient Feature

Apple’s new AirPods are set to be released early next year, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says in his latest report.

The upgraded model should offer minor improvements over the existing model that was introduced in 2016. Yet there’s one feature that everyone will appreciate. Kuo revealed that, with this new AirPods, you’ll get a wireless charging support. It’ll also sport enhanced Bluetooth connectivity.

When the AirPower was announced last year, the Cupertino-based company also teased a wireless charging case for the AirPods. Both would work together, too. That plan could be in doubt as Apple hasn’t talked about the AirPower recently due to internal struggles in its development.

Expect the wireless charging case to be sold separately as well. The AirPods’ technology could be tweaked on the inside, but the overall look shouldn’t be altered until 2020. That’ll allow the AirPods sold today to be compatible with the wireless charging case.

The redesigned model will arrive in 2020, according to the analyst. Kuo says it’ll include an entirely different appearance, but he stops short of what that actually means. Maybe the AirPods will become smaller and sleeker. Regardless, it’ll be some time before Apple unveils next-generation AirPods that take a big step forward.

In a separate report, Bloomberg laid out some very likely features. The AirPods might gain a new wireless chip, always-listening Siri integration, and water resistance.

The wireless earbuds could be joined by over-ear headphones, and it could take advantage of the technologies from Apple-owned Beats. Apple was expected to roll out the premium audio equipment in 2018, but there was a delay that pushed it to 2019. Alongside new AirPods and over-ear headphones, the HomePod is up for a possible upgrade or companion.


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