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Moira Rose’s 7 Most Over-the-Top Looks From ‘Schitt’s Creek’

  • September 15, 2020

A television icon. Catherine O’Hara earned one of the 15 Schitt’s Creek Emmy nominations for her role as Moira Rose. And as much as we loved hearing her say “bébé,” it was the character’s wild fashion — and wigs — that we could not get enough of. So we decided to round up some of her most outrageous looks.

From the start, Moira was seen in seriously out-there ensembles but there’s one in particular that we could never forget — the pope-inspired number in the series finale. According to the show’s creator Dan Levy, it took about a month to figure out and piece together.

“I found the [Alexander] McQueen dress on consignment. The Botticelli hair came to me in a dream and @ana_sorys ran with the idea and created yet another iconic Moira wig/ hairband,” he wrote in an Instagram post on Monday, May 4. “Our incredible wardrobe department (spearheaded by the great Debra Hanson) made the hat and assembled the look: some over the top costume jewelry, gold gloves, and matching gold Tom Ford knee-high boots. @luckymakeup did wonders with the glowy, ethereal makeup.” He went on to profusely thank the art department. “This is what I love about making TV. The teamwork.”

While the creative team played a huge part in Moira’s appearance, it turns out the collection of wigs was all O’Hara’s idea. “I have emails to prove it was [my idea],” the comedian said on an episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon back in January. “But it takes a lovely producer team to allow you that freedom.”

She loved the hair pieces so much, she told Us exclusively she even took some home when the show wrapped.

From season 1 to season 6, keep scrolling to take a look at Moira Rose’s craziest looks. It’s one wild ride!

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