MissingNo. is being used to troll the Pokémon Bank and Pokémon Sun and Moon


The legendary Pokémon glitch MissingNo. is back in the news and wreaking its havoc on the Pokémon Bank. The glitch, which used to screw up our Hall of Fame standings in the original release, is now being used to screw up players’ banks and storage box line-ups. Players are catching MissingNo. through the traditional Pokémon Red and Blue methods and then using him to troll other players in trades.

Anyone who transfers a MissingNo. into the bank and then into their copy of Pokémon Sun and Moon runs the risk of messing up their menu alignment. The presence of the non-Pokémon MissingNo. in these new pieces of software will shift all Pokémon names over a slot, meaning you’ll have an entire box of Pokémon with the wrong name labeled to them.

The Pokémon that are traded this way to other players with a MissingNo. hidden in the transfer will also be stuck with the names since you are unable to change the names of Pokémon you’ve received from other players!

MissingNo. is now the ultimate troll in the Pokémon world!

20 years later, MissingNo. is still cemented as one of the greatest gaming glitches of all time. While I hate to see him used for such evil purposes, it’s incredible to see how he has evolved from mere misplaced data into such a carnage-causing wrecking-ball.

Article source: http://www.technobuffalo.com/2017/01/26/missingno-is-being-used-to-troll-the-pokemon-bank-and-pokemon-sun-and-moon/