Master Apple’s iMessage with this guide

Don’t forget about Animoji

If you own an iPhone X, then you already know the joys of Animoji, Apple’s popular animated emoji feature. Animoji utilizes the iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera to track the facial features of a user, creating a surprisingly effective animated emoji, from a cat to a skeleton. The whole craze took on a life of its own shortly after the iPhone X launched, spawning a number of entertaining clips showing off Animoji karaoke.

Quickly react without typing a word

When you don’t have time to type “Haha” or respond with an Animoji, you can use iMessage’s convenient “tapback” feature. To do this, double-tap on a message bubble and a row of responses will show up. Pick the one you want and it’ll attach itself to the message you chose to react to.

Explore the world of iMessage apps

Whether you want to send GIFs, stickers, or even play a game, iMessage apps open up a world of possibilities of what you can do with Apple’s service. The ones I find most useful are the iMessage apps for Spotify, Apple Pay Cash, and Giphy, but there are so many others available.

Messages in the cloud

While this feature isn’t available yet—it’s coming in iOS 11.3—it’s one you should use once it goes live. By syncing your messages in the cloud, you’ll get a much better messaging experience. Now, once you delete a message from your iPhone, it’ll also be deleted from the cloud. Previously, messages wouldn’t sync as seamlessly.

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