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Leak shows how you’ll control the HomePod

  • January 22, 2018

It’s been five months since Apple unveiled the HomePod, yet we know relatively little about the home speaker. That’s gradually changing as its release nears, with more information slowly disseminating every day. The latest news reveals it will be surprisingly customizable.

In a series of images captured by iGeneration, the control settings for the HomePod has been revealed. Unlike the Apple Watch, the HomePod won’t feature its own app; instead, its controls will live inside the Home app. Within the settings menu, a big focus was put on Siri, for which there are four main toggles: Detect, Press to speak to Siri, Light when in use (this being the glowing orb on top) and Sound when using.

That’s the first phase of customization, you can literally customize how you control everything about the HomePod down to the speed of voice flow, pressure on the buttons and much more. Users will also have the ability add light-up plus and minus volume buttons, and this can be made in conjunction with keeping the orb off while adjusting the volume. Tapping between the buttons pauses playback and is completely tactile

The report went on to state Apple is in the process of beta testing multi-user support. Although the HomePod will be linked to a single Apple ID, many users can still command Siri. But this feature is still in testing and there is no mention of it in the setting images.

Over the weekend, another round of images found in the iOS 11.2.5 beta code revealed other functions of the HomePod, primarily the ability to mute Siri. That wasn’t too surprising given how every home speaker available offers that kind of control.

With information of the HomePod leaking at such a rapid pace, it’s arrival seems imminent.

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