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Lady Gaga Was Pulled Over Going to Taco Bell in $30 Million Necklace

  • May 30, 2020
Lady Gaga Wears $30 Million Necklace to Taco Bell
Lady Gaga at the 2019 Oscars. David Fisher/Shutterstock

Lady Gaga is just like Us! She’s no stranger to late night Taco Bell and isn’t afraid to scarf down some salty goodies while dressed to the nines.

On Friday, May 29, the “Shallow” singer made an appearance on the Graham Norton Show to tell an iconic story involving a $30 million Tiffany Co. necklace and a trip to the beloved fast food chain.

For the 2019 Oscars, the A Star Is Born actress wore the aforementioned diamond necklace, the same bauble worn by Audrey Hepburn in 1961 in press photos for Breakfast at Tiffanys. Casual!

“I already thought I had too much security before I put that diamond on,” the performer told the radio host. “And then I put that diamond on and I was like, ‘Am I the president?’”

She paired the eye-catching diamond with a black strapless Alexander McQueen gown and matching over-the-elbow gloves. To complete the Hepburn-inspired look, she wore her hair in an elegant updo.

Now here’s where things got interesting. “I didn’t know what was going to happen that night,” said Gaga, referring to the actual Oscar awards. “I was just so happy to be there.”

Gaga won the Oscar for “Best Original Song” for A Star Is Born hit, “Shallow.”

To celebrate, Gaga and her sister had champagne backstage. “When we left, I didn’t tell anyone and I still had the diamond on,” she revealed.

“Tiffany’s started freaking out,” she continued “They were like ‘she’s gone! She left with the diamond!’ I actually went to go hang out with Madonna at her manager’s house. And I got to the house and I was just chilling with Madonna while all these security guards were side-eyeing me from every corner of the room.”

“Every time I hugged someone, they would get a little closer to make sure it was still on.”

“And then I left and I really wanted to go to Taco Bell. All of a sudden the car got pulled over by Tiffany’s security and it was very politely removed from my neck.”

One fan saw the news and tweeted, “Can you imagine @ladygaga INHALING a crunch wrap supreme and spilling taco bell juice all over that diamond necklace from the Oscars!”

Another was inspired to place an order. “Lady Gaga loves Taco Bell so I ordered Taco Bell from @UberEats just now!” another fan said.

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