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Julian Castro attacks Trump while fortifying brother’s preference to tell donor names

  • August 10, 2019

Businessman and Trump donor reacts to being outed by Joaquin CastroVideo

Businessman and Trump donor reacts to being outed by Joaquin Castro

Van H. Archer III reacts to being outed as a donor to President Trump’s campaign.

Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary (HUD) Julian Castro shielded his brother’s controversial decision to tell a names of some President Trump donors, arguing it was critical for people to know about businesses in San Antonio that donated to a president.

“I trust that people need to know what businesses in that city that are profiting off of a backs of Hispanic business are branch around and putting that income behind into a pockets of a politician, in Donald Trump, that is actively creation a lives of Hispanics in this nation worse,” Castro pronounced while appearing during a Iowa State Fair on Friday.

His comments came amid a media frenzy over that preference by his twin hermit Joaquin. While some like White House confidant Kellyanne Conway derided a apparent try to intimidate Trump donors, others, like her husband, pushed behind on a criticism.

Castro, like George Conway, forked out that a donor information was already available, tweeting: “That is open information, that kind of information is put out all a time… he did not put down anybody’s private information — he did not put down their addresses, he did not put down their phone numbers.”


Man poorly outed in Castro twitter targeting Trump donors speaks outVideo

On Friday, Castro combined of his brother’s actions: “What he did is not doxxing. Anybody who understands what doxxing is knows that he did not do that.”

In his initial tweet, Rep. Castro indicted donors of “fueling a debate of hate” with their contributions. Fox News reported that those donors people who also contributed to a Texas deputy himself. A local business owner, Wayne Harwell, pronounced he would no longer support Castro after a congressman’s attempt on amicable media.

Another particular on a list, William Greehey, also gave thousands of dollars to Castro during his initial dual campaigns, a Washington Free Beacon reported. 

Meanwhile, a internal oil business owners and executive, Justin Herricks, whose name was also on Castro’s list, called a tactic “ridiculous.”


“I consider some of a Democratic tongue is some-more horrible than some of Trump’s rhetoric,” he said. “I consider a San Antonio village needs to take a genuine low demeanour during what Castro is doing. Why is he doing this?”

Fox News’ Brooke Singman contributed to this report.

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