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Illuminate your garden year-round with these grow lights

  • September 16, 2020

This particular fixture by Mars Hydro stands out right away. Ultimately, the price is what caught my attention, but I stayed for what these lights have to offer. It has a well-rounded spec list, boasting features that will appeal to a broad range of gardeners. Beginners can feel secure knowing it’s safety-certified; it runs cool, providing a longer lifespan, and making it less of a fire hazard. Lightweight, silent, and fanless, it includes a highly reflective aluminum hood to reduce light loss. For gardeners specializing in flowers, finding a grow light that includes IR (infra-red) light can be challenging; that wavelength specifically encourages blooming. Luckily, this light’s got that too.

Indoor and hydroponic growers with expanses of square footage to cover may wish for higher wattage, dimmability, or a better selection of shapes and sizes. Its LEDs may be water-resistant, but they’re not fully waterproof. Mars Hydro offers a few other light models in various wattages, alongside compatible grow tents—you can mix and match to fit your garden’s needs.

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