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Hugh Jackman Reveals He Had a Skin Cancer Biopsy: Watch

  • April 15, 2021
Hugh Jackman. Joel C Ryan/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

Listen up: Hugh Jackman has a PSA. Whether you skipped sunscreen in years’ past, grew up in the Australian sun or simply exist as a human being, the 52-year-old actor wants everybody to get a yearly skin cancer check.

“I recommend getting a skin check — regularly. I know I’ve said it before, I know I may be boring you with this, but it’s super easy to do and it’s really, really important to be preemptive with these things,” the Logan actor said in an Instagram video on Wednesday, April 14.

While the fact that a young Jackman spent time basking in the sun sans SPF can make him more prone to skin cancer, it’s important for everyone to get a screening from a medical professional.

“If you’re like me and you didn’t really know any better when you were young and you didn’t wear sunscreen and you were in the Australian sun, then you need to get a check up even more. But if not — it doesn’t matter who you are — next time you are with your doctor or with a specialist, just say, ‘Can you please give me a skin check?’ At least once a year — just do it,” Jackman pleads to his followers.

The Greatest Showman star is in the business of practicing what he preaches. Prior to taking to Instagram, Jackman was at the dermatologist getting a growth removed from his earlobe.

“I just had mine done. I have a little biopsy, it’s pre-cancerous. It’s not much, but I’m really, really glad I went,” the actor says, showing a bandage wrapped around his right ear.

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According to Dr. Robert Finney, board-certified cosmetic dermatologist at Entière Dermatology, the ear is a pretty common place for lesions to pop up. “The ears are exposed to the sun quite a bit throughout life, so it is not uncommon to see pre-cancerous and cancerous growth in this area.”

Thankfully, Jackman’s biopsy, which is when the doctor “numbs the area with local anesthesia and takes a sample of skin to send off to the lab,” was deemed pre-cancerous.

He’ll need to keep his ear covered for a bit to “prevent a scab from forming,” but he should be fully healed pretty quickly. It’s TBD if Jackman will take his followers on the rest of skin check journey, but it’s possible another trip to the dermatologist is in his future.

“If a growth is deemed pre-cancerous, then sometimes additional steps will need to be taken to make sure that no pre-cancerous or atypical cells are left behind after the biopsy,” Dr. Finney tells Us Weekly.

Jackman’s post was met with rounds of applause from skin-conscious followers as well as fans who simply like watching the Hollywood heartthrob on camera. “You are never boring. Please, bore us some more by talking,” one person writes.

Another adds: “Waking up to PSA from Hugh is how I like to live my days. He’s really got a point ladies and gents!”

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