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Hug the curves with the best racing games for PlayStation 4

  • January 22, 2021

When it comes to racing games, each one has its own goals for the way you play. Dirt 4 wants you to have fun and delivers an excellent package that’s enjoyable whether you’re a veteran racer, or you’ve never drifted through a corner in your life. To start, you’ve got access to two difficulties which make it easy to decide whether you want a more realistic experience, or something close to an arcade racer.

Dirt brings you all the glory of the messy joy that is rally racing. That means spinning into a corner, breaking by running into other cars or walls, and getting filthy in the process. You can feel the difference when racing on different surfaces, which means speeding across asphalt doesn’t act the same as when you try to take a tight turn on a packed dirt road. The details shine through in every frame as you race from dynamic weather patterns to the world you are speeding past when you take each hairpin turn.

One of the coolest features that join Dirt 4 is the ability to build your own stage. Using two sliders, you can create a level all your own and then share it with friends and random online racers to see who can win it. It works well along with the procedurally generated racing stages, and a robust career mode. That career mode has gotten major updates too, including team facilities, upgrades, and a good deal of micromanagement that puts you in control of your racing destiny.

All together Dirt 4 manages to bring an excellent rally racer to the fore as the absolute best racing gaming on PlayStation 4. It has superior graphics, isn’t too easy or too difficult and with some updates since the last entry in the franchise that raise it from being a merely decent game to something stellar.

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