HTC just lost another major executive

The former president of HTC America, Jason Mackenzie, is departing the company. Mackenzie most recently served as a global executive vice president for HTC, a position he has maintained since he was promoted a year ago. Andre Lonne is the company’s current president of HTC America.

Mackenzie announced the news on Twitter, where he thanked HTC’s former CEO Peter Chou and current CEO Cher Wang.

Mackenzie was a staple at HTC events

Mackenzie was well known during his time at HTC, often taking the stage to unveil they company’s latest smartphones during press events in the US. He frequently met with the press to answer questions and was known for standing by the company’s products and services. He’s the latest of a string of executives to leave the company in recent years.

Mackenzie didn’t say where he’s heading next, but we suspect he’ll turn up in another executive position not too long from now. We wish him the best.

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