How to delete old tweets from your Twitter account


You’re in need of a tweet-based exodus. Look no further than TweetDeleter. It’s a third-party service that’ll cost you a few bucks, but you’re going to shed those classless tweets in minutes without anyone knowing a thing.

Head over to TweetDeleter’s site, log in, and choose the plan you’d like. Don’t bother with the free tier. To get the job done, you’ll have to spend money. The Premium tier for $5.99 per month gives you the ability to delete up to 3,000 tweets daily. The Unlimited tier, which is $8.99 per month, removes the daily limit and adds the option for a full delete to start your account from scratch.

After you’ve picked a plan, you’re not quite done. Tweetdeleter can’t automatically look back at your old tweets since Twitter’s API is a bit wonky. It’ll tell you to go back to Twitter, download an archive of your tweets, and upload them. Do that, and then Tweetdeleter can view the full library of friendly and feisty tweets.

TweetDeleter is similar to Twitter’s search in the sense that you can go deep with what you’re aiming to find. There’s even an automatic filter catching tweets that might not be so pleasant. But once you’ve nailed down the tweets to banish in the search results, TweetDeleter works its magic and in a short time, you’ll realize the tweets are officially gone.

Just please be careful if you decide to use another paid service. Often you’ll hand over payment info, and then the ‘business’ doesn’t do anything at all. Then you’re stuck in a situation where an unknown entity has both your Twitter account and your payment info at their disposal.

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