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Google Search makes it easier to find where to watch NBA, MLB games

  • August 14, 2020

Google’s latest search feature will help you find where you can watch live sports games and live TV shows. 

As of Thursday, when you go to and search “where to watch the Clippers game” or “how to watch the A’s game” on your smartphone, you’ll find new information on how to tune in locally.

“As the cheering section moves to the couch, everyone is asking the age-old question: ‘What channel is the game on?'” the search giant said in a blog post. The latest tool is the company’s answer to that. 

You can also find live viewing options by searching for the individual team or game you’re interested in. So type in “Cubs game” and Google will show you where you can view it.

The where-to-watch results will appear next to Google’s typical game day highlights such as live scores and top related stories.

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Google Search will now help users find live sports games and linear TV shows.

The feature currently supports Major League Baseball and National Basketball Association games with more leagues and streaming options on the way, Google said. 

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Along with live sports viewing options, Google is also making it easier to find other entertainment to watch on linear television. 

The search conglomerate is adding carousels of live content options from cable and broadcast providers. So if you search “what to watch” or “good shows to watch” on your smartphone, you’ll find streaming and live TV options. 

You’ll see recommendations on what to watch at that moment as well as recommendations for future programming. “So when it’s Sunday night and you just can’t decide what to watch before the week begins, Search is here to help,” Google said.

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